Paladin Nad of the Golden Order, Champion of the Great Gold Wyrm, Savior of DuhDurstead

paladin tank. demons bad, golden wyrm good


Base stats:
Armor Class – 22
Physical Defense – 14
Mental Defense – 13
Health – 40

The Great Golden Wrym +3


My parents died while I was young, by the hands of demons. I myself became possessed by one of the demons who killed my family and was a prisoner in my own body until I was saved by some exorcists of the Golden Order. I was adopted by the order since I had no family and began my service to the Great Gold Wyrm as a stablehand. It became quickly apparent to everyone around me that I was destined to be much more than a stableboy. I was quickly moved into the academy of the Golden Order in DuhDurstead where I was trained in the art of combat, exorcisms, and demon slaying. I had a natural affinity for performing exorcisms, for some reason I found myself being able to understand the demonic gibberish that spewed from the mouths of the possessed. I always assumed this ability unnaturally bestowed upon me when I was possessed by demons, but I will probably never know.

One day while at the academy a demon portal opened up and began to attack the residents of DuhDurstead (named after a character of many folk tales who was rumored to stay here for a few years while running from the Three). All of the Paladins and Knights of the Golden Order were away for a ceremony in honor of the Great Gold Wyrm. Recognizing the threat of the demons, I organized my fellow trainees in the academy and led the charge against the demons plaguing DuhDurstead. Despite being outmatched and outnumbered we vanquished the demons and saved DuhDurstead from utter annihilation. I was immediately promoted to the rank of Paladin for the bravery and leadership I exhibited, and began my work as a Paladin.

I excelled at my job, vanquishing demons and leading my squadron to victory against the enemies of the Great Gold Wyrm. However lately I’ve been having strange dreams…. Every night visions of the Great Gold Wyrm enter my head, telling me to leave my post and embark on a quest in his glory. I told the elders of the Golden Order about my dreams and they all agreed it was a vision the Great Gold Wyrm sent me to follow out orders in his name. They agreed to let me break my vows and pursue this quest for the Great Gold Wyrm. My first task is to go out and find the group of travelers in my visions who fight along side me and help me achieve glory in the name of the Great Gold Wyrm…..

Paladin Nad of the Golden Order, Champion of the Great Gold Wyrm, Savior of DuhDurstead

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