You want a bag of holding with that?


Half Elf Sorcerer with an adorable otter familiar

Academy-Trained Wizard – 3
Magical Item Hunter – 5
Freelancer – 2

Icon Relationships
The Archmage: +2 Favorable
The Elf Queen: +1 Favorable

Basic Stats
AC: 12
PD: 13
MD: 11
HP: 24


Have you ever had need for a magical item? Perhaps a wand of dousing to put out those fires the Diabolist and her minions keep starting in your village. How about some boots of leaping to reach the cookie jar way up on the top shelf? Why, even a lightning javelin to fend off that troublesome dragon. Then you, my friend, need the services of Chad, Chadwick, and Chaddington LLC! I am Chadwick and along with my colleagues Chad and Chaddington, we find and procure rare and magical items (for a fee of course). A wizard by trade, I provide the magical knowledge and, sometimes literal, firepower while my childhood friend and partner Chad, an ex-Paladin, provides the muscle. Oh and Chaddington? Why my talkative little otter companion helps us out in tight places from time to time. That was until we were investigating a well of magical energy deep within the Wild Woods when suddenly said well erupted with an unknown energy. When I awoke, my head was ringing, the magical well had dried up, and as far as I could see the surrounding wilderness was torn asunder in what I assume must be an impressive crater.

As I attempted to locate Chad using a familiar scrying spell, I seemed unable to focus my energy. It was as if this familiar energy inside of me I had since childhood was somehow different. Warped. Wild. Not only could I not control my scrying but I could not fully control any of the most base spells even an apprentice at the Wizard Academy could master, I could merely suggest and guide them. Whats more peculiar is I started to feel a growing affinity to all elven races. Strange for a half elf to feel strongly drawn to any race, let alone all three elvish races! Even Chaddington seemed changed by the blast, he constantly mimics me when I cast spells (almost as if he is practicing) and I swear I saw him floating one evening when he thought my attention was elsewhere. But a floating otter? That’s just asinine, yet most adorable.

After the well erupted, I searched for Chad but could not find any trace of him. As my supplies ran low, I made my way back to the rendezvous point at Scoochie’s Tavern in New Port. Hopefully Chad made his way back safely. I asked the homely innkeeper, Veronica, if my companion had made it back but she stared at me with a puzzled look. She swore on her extra days worth of rations it was only Chaddington and I who originally came to New Port. In fact, nobody I met could remember Chad. If I survived the blast, Chad must have as well. It’s been five years now since the explosion in the Wild Woods, Chaddington and I have teamed up with many bands of adventurers roaming the lands in hopes of running across some clue or sign as to where Chad may be but are constantly met with blank stares and perplexed looks. As long as Chaddington and I are capable we will continue searching for Chad, who knows, a clue could be found anywhere or with anyone.


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