Character Creation

This is a checklist for Character Creation. Use to make sure you haven’t missed anything when creating a character.

Before you start

Be familiar with the races and classes in 13th Age.

Also, Grab a character sheet


  • GM Input
    • Make sure that you know from your Game Master what specifics to keep in mind for the story ahead. Any modifications you make need to make.
  • Race
  • Class
  • Generate Abilities
  • Combat Stats
    • Use powers, abailities, and base stats to calculate power/spell attack bonus and damage, Armor class, Physical Defense, Mental Defense, hit points, and Initiative.
  • One unique thing
    • Invent some non-mechanical trait that makes your character unique in the world. If you want mechanics from your OUT, then talk to the GM and find an acceptable trade-in from your standard abilities. Also, the GM will interpret this OUT at-will. You may be surprised with the results!
  • Icon Relationships
    • Spend points building relationships with the Icons of the world. See: Icon Relationships
  • Backgrounds
  • 1st Level Feat
    • You get a feat every level. Choose your first one wisely. See: Feats (Warning – a lot of info in there)
  • Gear
    • Spec out your character.

Character Creation

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