One Unique Thing
Tiefling, but very close to human. Almost indistinguishable. Eyes glow red at night.

spymaster (3)
con artist (3)
acrobat (2)

relationships: the jack (3)


I have no memories of a family as a young tiefling lad, only of living in the woods and surviving on my own. I would hide in the woods during the day, and raid the local village at night for supplies, sneaking across rooftops, breaking into houses, only taking what I needed. A load of bread here and there, a bottle of wine, some clothes. One night while doing another raid for food I broke into the house of the local hermit, a blind man. Even though he was blind his heightened senses detected me and caught me sneaking around his house. I guess he had pity on me because instead of turning me in to the police he decided to help me.

The old man had turned out to be a prominent spy for a lord in his day, but had an affair with the lord’s wife. As punishment the lord blinded the spy and banished him from the lord’s realm. Even though I was a tiefling the old hermit thought it was mild enough that I could pass as a human and function in society. He started training me the skills he had put to use so well in his past. It started off as simple tests, seeing if I could navigate the town without being seen or heard, honing my acrobatic skills like a fine trained spider monkey. He even named me twinketoes for my natural ability to sneak around while performing impressive hardcore parkour. I then began to learn how to behave like a human, eventually being sociable enough to trick people out of their money and learn little pieces of information (I took the alias Jorgen Jorgenson when I pretended to be human). As I got better my tasks from the old hermit became more complicated, eventually having me travel to his old kingdom to gain information that would help him exact revenge on the lord that had blinded him. I spent 5 months learning all I could before returning to the hermit.

When I returned and visited the hermit to tell him all I learned I felt like something was different about the hermit, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. His objectives for me became significantly different. Instead of sending me to collect information he sent me to collect money. I thought this was odd, the hermit had never wanted money before, but I assumed he was collecting money for the next phase of his revenge plan. I went around town asking for help from the villagers (as I had gotten to know a lot of them pretty well by now).

I went up to a woman that I was familiar with to ask her for money. We exchanged pleasantries for a while (we haven’t seen each other in months) and I finally got around to asking her for money. She asked what for and I lied and told her the old hermit needed some new shoes so I was collecting money for him. Her face went white when I mentioned the old hermit’s name, and she ran off. I was very puzzled by this but went to another friend asking for money. I did the same thing to him, exchanging pleasantries and asking him for money. Once I mentioned the hermit his face froze too. He then asked if this was some kind of sick joke, and the hermit had died 2 moths ago (while I was on my trip). I told my friend he was mistaken and that I had just come from visiting the hermit and he was asking for money, $3.50 to be specific. Well that’s when it all clicked for me. I realized that the old hermit I had visited was not in fact the old man who trained me all these years, but was a giant crustacean from the Paleolithic Era.

I stormed back to the hermits cottage to confront this loch ness monster. When I got there he asked “Did you get my tree fiddy yet?”. I responded “No I didn’t get your god damn tree fiddy, get out of here!”. Realizing his cover was blown he ran off into the woods. Realizing I now had no reason to stay in town I decided to leave, and embark on an adventure of my own…….


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