Will - Dragonborn Sorcerer


Explorer +3
Spell Arena Champion +2
Elemental Scholar +2
Draconic Sage +1

Icon Alignment:
The Three – Conflicted
The Great Gold Wyrm – Conflicted
The Archmage – Negative


One Unique Thing

I am the only Dragonborn that can breathe pure arcane magic.


Using my dragon magic I can feel the power of my draconic heritage…and I like it. I strive to increase my power in the hopes of one day becoming so powerful that I ascend to the heights of a full-blooded dragon. I explore the world seeking to learn from other sorcerers to improve my magic and compete in (and often win) spell arenas to prove my strength. Onlookers at the spell arenas claim they can see draconic features emanate from my body when I channel my power. I frequently join other adventurers on quests that I feel will let me increase my power.

Being fiercely independent, I respect the power of all dragon icons (The Three and Great Gold Wyrm) but don’t actively work for or against them or their agents. I am wary of wizards, the Archmage especially, and their overzealous interest in my arcane breath.


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