Stars of a Hollow Earth

Return to Boltstrike

Queue the music

The party heads back to Boltstrike Pillar and from a distance, they see an abundance of lightning and fire. When they arrive at the pillar, they realize that the top levels are missing and much of the surrounding are is on fire or already burnt. Some of the stone has been melted.

Upon entering the pillar, the party encounters three Lizardmen and defeat them easily. Then, the party reaches the upper level where they find a cloaked humanoid sacrificing one of the last survivors by spilling her blood into a cauldron. Dr Da Durr throws caution to the wind and looses an arrow at the figure, which strikes in the back, piercing through to the front. The cloaked figure turns out to be Gary. The party learns that he betrayed everyone at Boltstrike. Then Gary died. Kinda, while KeKe found out he is a bitch. A large ethereal dragon-thing rose from Garys corpse and engaged that party. After an intense battle, as the create was fleeing, a well-thrown knife from Twinkletoes killed the dragon phantom.

As the party takes a moment to recover after the battle, lightning erupts from one side of the tower, followed by a deep roar.

What could be waiting the party outside of Boltstrike?



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