Stars of a Hollow Earth

Destroying Greenstand

Boom-shakalaka, It is now time to diddle

The party arrives back at Boltstrike Pillar after defeating a Gobin nest.

Once the party arrived back a t Boltstrike pillar, they await an audience with Torrent. She tells the party that divinators have found more goblins, and that they were somehow masked from the guards. She tells the party that a new horde of Goblins have been found in Greenstead.

After giving the party provisions, Torrent asks them to travel to Greenstead and destroy the goblin raiding party with the traps that the mages of Boltstrike have set for times such as these.


  • each PC gets 1 healing potion, (1 is champion-tier)
  • a magic armor ( Sheldor)
  • a magic weapon ( Lichinmi)

On approaching Greenstand, the party sees flashes of light and hears explosions. They attempt to ascertain the situation by climbing a hill and looking into the ruins of Greenstead. They can see fires flickering, but most of the output is hidden from view.

The party follows the map given by Torrent, and they arrive at a culvert. After walking through the culvert, they party emerges into the center of Greenstead to the aftermath of a massacre. After some investigation, the party decides to return to Boltstrike Pillar and warn the guards.


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