Stars of a Hollow Earth

Arrival at Boltstrike

Shutup, Gary You'z a bitch

After a night’s rest, the party continues down the road to Boltstrike Pillar, ignoring a set of Goblins footprints leading out of the forrest.

After a half day walk, the party can see Boltstrike Pillar over the next hill and they huddle to decide further course of action. They decide to climb the cliff behind Boltstrike Pillar to get a better vantage point. Then they proceed to near the front entrance.

Two gargoyles are at the front entrance, and Dr Da Durr decides to loose a flurry of arrows at the stone hunks. One happens to deflect off the stone and fly into the Pillar. They hear a soft “Ouch!” from inside.

Upon entering the Pillar, they find a small wounded human, Gary. The party carries Gary into the Pillar and onto a couch near the medic. After tending to his wounds, the medic dismisses them.

Soon, Sun appears and greets the party as expected travelers. He confirms that the trade of the unknown wand for Glazentorg is still expected, however, Glazentorg would need a few more hours to finish preparations. Sun asks the party to finish off the Goblins that they encountered on the way in for 50 gold each.

The party finishes the goblins off and returns to Boltstrike Pillar for an audience with Torrent.


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